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About Us

The Alano Club of Knoxville Tennessee Incorporated (Alano Club) was formed as a Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation on 9 May 1975, 501c3 Designation Letter, to support and promote recovery from substance abuse disorders living in the Knoxville Metropolitan Area. The Alano Club was founded by a group of recovering Alcoholics Anonymous members who wanted to provide a sustainable organization to continue to keep their meeting rooms open so future generations would have a place to find the same support they received when they started on their road to recovery. Their meeting facility started in the old Knoxville Park National Bank Building called “The Flatiron.”

Flat Iron V Logo (1)
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Our New Building

To honor our predecessor, we continue to use “The Flatiron” name for our meeting facility. The Alano Club has been renting facilities since its inception and we have had to move four times and are currently renting a building we call “The Flatiron V."

The Flatiron started in 1953 and the recovery community has kept it running by paying rent and covering all operating costs from members' donations. For the first time in our history, we are in the process of seeking funds from individuals, institutions, and foundations to help us build a new Flatiron Building so we can establish a permanent home for this and future generations seeking recovery for substance use disorders. We are deeply grateful to the University of Tennessee College of Architecture + Design in helping us design a concept building.

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